Sentences with Bought, Bought in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Bought

Sentences with Bought, Bought in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Bought


1. Bought a gray bag.

2. I bought biscuits.

3. He bought a t-shirt.

4. I bought a new oven.

5. I bought a new skirt.


6. She bought a chicken.

7. I bought a few stamps.

8. We bought a new house.

9. He bought a new donkey.

10. I bought him a present.

11. We bought a round table.


12. They have bought Laptops

13. Bought globes for class.

14. I bought a new keyboard.

15. He bought ninety chairs.

16. He secretly bought a car.

17. I bought him a nice gift.

18. She has bought a new car.

19. I bought glue for school.

20. I bought a new DVD movie.

21. Steve bought a dozen eggs.

22. I bought a Microsoft mouse.

23. We bought a new microphone.

24. They have bought a new car.

25. He bought thirteen oranges.

26. He bought 3 liters of milk.

27. He bought seventeen chairs.

28. My mother bought a new car.

29. I bought two cotton shirts.

30. My father bought a tiny pen.

31. I bought a new pair of pants.

32. He bought the car in January.

33. My father bought a new house.

34. They have bought the notebook.

35. I bought all of these for you.

36. I haven’t bought the book yet.

37. They bought a basket of fruit.

38. They bought the largest house.

39. Jessica bought him some candy.

40. She bought herself a new dress.

41. We bought the softest mattress.

42. I bought 3 kilograms of apples.

43. I bought fewer books this year.

44. I bought a new wooden sofa set.

45. He bought soap from the market.

46. I bought 2 new shoes yesterday.

47. Bought a new carpet on vacation.

48. My father bought a new blue car.

49. He knew he had bought a new car.

50. I bought butter from the market.

51. I bought garlic from the market.

52. I bought the bread for 10 cents.

53. I bought onions from the market.

54. We bought it at a reduced price.

55. I bought a new pair of scissors.

56. I bought carrots from the market.

57. He bought pants for his birthday.

58. He bought spices from the market.

59. I got a new job and bought a car.

60. They secretly bought a new house.

61. I bought cookies from the market.

62. Steve bought a very cheap camera.

63. I bought a pair of leather gloves.

64. I bought this coat at a low price.

65. Where’s that wallet we bought you?

66. I bought a present for my brother.

67. I bought a new computer yesterday.

68. My father must have bought the car.

69. I’ve already bought three of those.

70. That’s the woman who bought my house.

71. My father bought a new car yesterday.

72. He bought a new chair for his bedroom.

73. He had frozen the vegetables he bought.

74. My father bought an oven for my mother.

75. The furniture was bought at an auction.

76. Frank bought three kilograms of apples.

77. I bought green balloons from the market.

78. My dad bought a new green car this week.

79. I bought water and bread from the market.