Sentences with Buy, Buy in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Buy

Sentences with Buy, Buy in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Buy


1. Can I buy Lego?

2. I need to buy ink.

3. I need to buy glue.

4. Why not buy a dress?

5. I just don’t buy it.


6. Please buy me a dog!

7. Where can I buy silk?

8. Why not buy scissors?

9. I want to buy a goose.

10. Did dad buy a new car?

11. I’ll buy a tablespoon.


12. Shall I buy you candy?

13. Should I buy a hybrid?

14. Did you buy this book?

15. I might buy a new car.

16. Will buy a bigger car.

17. We need to buy powder.

18. Where can I buy snacks?

19. Did you buy a computer?

20. Let me buy you a drink.

21. You can buy everything.

22. To buy a pig in a poke.

23. I’ll buy you a new boat.

24. They will buy a new car.

25. We will buy a new house.

26. Can money buy happiness?

27. I buy stationery in bulk.

28. We might buy a new house.

29. He wants to buy a new car.

30. We buy stationery in bulk.

31. Where can I buy envelopes?

32. We want to buy their cars.

33. I want to buy a dozen eggs.

34. Can you buy me a Coca-Cola?

35. I buy canned goods in bulk.

36. Wow! Did you buy a new car?

37. I want to buy a large house.

38. I cannot afford to buy a car.

39. He was going to buy trousers.

40. Please go buy a case of beer.

41. Why don’t you buy a new tube?

42. I want to buy a decent guitar.

43. I’ll have to buy new curtains.

44. Don’t buy me presents anymore.

45. Where did you buy these boots?

46. 109.You cannot buy everything.

47. The women buy a lot of things.

48. Do you want to buy a new house?

49. I’m too poor to buy a new suit.

50. I need some money to buy a car.

51. He wants to buy a wooden chair.

52. You could at least buy a hybrid.

53. I don’t want to buy this carpet.

54. Did you buy a round trip ticket?

55. I want to buy a cheap dictionary.

56. Are you going to buy a new house?

57. Jessica wants to buy a new skirt.

58. We can buy a new house next year.

59. My father wants to buy his house.

60. We used to buy these by the case.

61. My father wants to buy a new car.

62. I must buy a new suit for my son.

63. I really ought to buy a new house.

64. Steve can’t afford to buy a yacht.

65. My father wants to buy a new Arab.

66. I finally persuaded him to buy it.

67. Were you going to buy a new phone?

68. My son was going to buy a new book.