Sentences with Many, Many in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Many

Sentences with Many, Many in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Many

1. How many are they?

2. Mary has many cats.

3. Many men, many minds.

4. I don’t have many friend.

5. How many books are there?

6. I have many things to do.

7. We have many things to do.

8. How many flowers are they?

9. How many cows do you have?

10. I don’t trust many people.

11. How many colors are there?

12. I don’t get many visitors.

13. We don’t get many visitors.

14. I grow many kinds of roses.

15. Salad has so many benefits.

16. How many plates do we have?

17. Does she want many dresses?

18. So many men, so many minds.

19. I don’t believe many people.

20. How many worms did you find?

21. How many plates do you want?

22. How many times do you smoke?

23. The lawyer has many clients.

24. How many pills did you take?

25. How many people are on board?

26. How many erasers did you buy?

27. How many guests are with you?

28. How many apples can I borrow?

29. How many cars in the gallery?

30. How many cousins do you have?

31. How many sisters do you have?

32. There were many people there.

33. How many balloons do you have?

34. We can see many stars tonight.

35. How many children do you have?

36. The girl can recite many poems.

37. How many museums did you visit?

38. How many more forks do we need?

39. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

40. Steve acquired many new friends.

41. There aren’t many women priests.

42. I’ve watched many documentaries.

43. How many backpacks have you got?

44. Tourism generated many new jobs.

45. How many boys are in this class?

46. We have asked too many questions.

47. There are many cultures on Earth.

48. How many days are there in March?

49. He knows how many beans make five.

50. He extended many courtesies to me.

51. Onions can be used in many dishes.

52. There are many examples of beauty.

53. Jessica acquired many new friends.

54. There are many old Indian legends.

55. England established many colonies.

56. How many meters wide is the table?

57. How many laps do you usually swim?

58. This movie is unique in many ways.

59. There are many deer in this forest.

60. There are many ships in the harbor.