Sentences with New, New in a Sentence in English, Sentences For New

Sentences with New, New in a Sentence in English, Sentences For New


1. He got a new job.

2. I have a new car.

3. I need a new home.

4. She has a new car.

5. I love my new pets.


6. New lords, new laws.

7. I bought a new oven.

8. He rented a new car.

9. My new car is black.

10. Are those new shoes?

11. I bought a new skirt.


12. You must be new here.

13. We bought a new house.

14. We have a new problem.

15. Steve found a new job.

16. I might buy a new car.

17. I need a new home now.

18. There is a new survey.

19. We need a new printer.

20. Did dad buy a new car?

21. He needed new clothes.

22. Send me a new catalog.

23. I do love my new pets.

24. I envied his new house.

25. He bought a new donkey.

26. We have worn new cloth.

27. My son wants a new glue.

28. I’ll buy you a new boat.

29. We will buy a new house.

30. I bought a new keyboard.

31. They will buy a new car.

32. Can we afford a new car?

33. I was given a new jacket.

34. We might buy a new house.

35. Now we need a new carpet.

36. A new broom sweeps clean.

37. I bought a new DVD movie.

38. She has bought a new car.

39. Samuel found new evidence.

40. He wants to buy a new car.

41. They all envied my new car.

42. We are printing a new book.

43. All we need is a new venue.

44. I’m downloading a new game.

45. I got a new name tag today.

46. They have bought a new car.

47. My mother bought a new car.

48. We’re under new management.

49. We moved to New York in 201

50. We bought a new microphone.

51. Wow! Did you buy a new car?

52. My son lost his new red pen.

53. The new game is really good.

54. What awaits you in New York?

55. Jessica resides in New York.

56. A new difficulty has arisen.

57. We have several new problems.

58. Pam was wearing a new outfit.

59. I bought a new pair of pants.

60. Consumers want a new product.

61. The new iPhone was not cheap.

62. My best friend has a new job.

63. He designed the new building.

64. Why don’t you buy a new tube?

65. My father bought a new house.

66. How do you like your new job?

67. We’re going to do a new poll.

68. I’ll have to buy new curtains.

69. They are making the new pizza.

70. She started a new job in June.

71. He needs to find a new agency.

72. They delayed buying a new car.

73. Do you want to buy a new house?

74. I started a new job last month.

75. How do you like your new class?

76. I bought a new wooden sofa set.

77. She bought herself a new dress.

78. Alex is seeking a new position.

79. I’m too poor to buy a new suit.

80. He started his new job in June.

81. I decided to shoot a new video.

82. He started his new job in July.

83. Her new novel is worth reading.

84. I bought 2 new shoes yesterday.

85. George has a new girlfriend too.

86. Frank negotiated a new contract.

87. Frank is recruiting new workers.

88. I bought a new pair of scissors.

89. Steve acquired many new friends.

90. Jessica is wearing a new outfit.

91. He knew he had bought a new car.

92. Bought a new carpet on vacation.

93. Congratulations on your new job.

94. Tourism generated many new jobs.

95. They started a new highway work.

96. This is Tina. She has a new car.

97. My father bought a new blue car.

98. We opened a new Youtube channel.

99. Tomas really want a new computer.

100. I must buy a new suit for my son.

101. I got a new job and bought a car.

102. A new modeling agency has opened.

103. They secretly bought a new house.

104. My father wants to buy a new car.

105. Who installed the new hard drive?

106. We can buy a new house next year.

107. Jessica wants to buy a new skirt.

108. Are you going to buy a new house?

109. The company printed new t-shirts.

110. Steve is learning a new technique.

111. My father wants to buy a new Arab.

112. He started his new job in January.

113. He turned over a new leaf in life.

114. Jessica acquired many new friends.

115. Is there anything new on the menu?

116. Were you going to buy a new phone?

117. I bought a new computer yesterday.

118. I purchased 2 new shoes yesterday.

119. Is your new refrigerator freezing?

120. I really ought to buy a new house.

121. I’m starting a new job in October.

122. My son is installing new software.

123. I will start a new job in January.

124. He started his new job in October.

125. I’m starting a new job in December.

126. I hear you’ll set up a new company.

127. I’ll be saving money for a new car.

128. Mexican author writes his new book.

129. We have watched a new horror movie.

130. They could use some new good ideas.

131. I’m starting a new job in November.

132. These new immigrants had no skills.

133. My son was going to buy a new book.

134. Somebody brought them a new carpet.

135. They set up a new company in Texas.

136. The teacher introduced a new topic.

137. He’s got the new technique down pat.

138. He wanted to buy a new refrigerator.

139. My friend is seeking a new position.

140. I hope your new job brings you luck.

141. I’m starting a new job in September.

142. I’m slow to adapt to new situations.

143. I noticed she was wearing a new hat.

144. They invented a new drug in America.

145. He started working in a new company.

146. He started his new job in September.

147. The factory was producing new sprays.

148. Now is the time to start our new job.

149. My father bought a new car yesterday.

150. Do you have Tommy Wonder’s new album?

151. He was very hopeful to buy a new car.

152. I briefed my boss on the new project.

153. He bought a new chair for his bedroom.

154. We briefed my boss on the new project.

155. I hope to build a new house next year.

156. I’m going on a new vacation next week.

157. I’d like to be measured for a new suit.

158. Honda’s new car looks big and majestic.

159. The plane leaves for New York at 19.00.

160. Solar energy is a new source of energy.

161. I am going on a new vacation next week.

162. My father wants to purchase a new Arab.

163. My mother is knitting me a new sweater.

164. Every morning I wake up with new ideas.

165. I have to buy a new battery for my car.

166. Alex has begun writing a new math book.

167. The Ministry moved to its new building.

168. Jessica’s dress is new but hers is old.

169. Could you elaborate on your new theory?

170. We are entering a new phase in the war.

171. We haven’t gone to watch the new movie.

172. Hessica adapted herself to her new life.

173. My dad is confused about a new purchase.

174. I’m going to buy a new computer tonight.

175. Alex is going to a new school next term.

176. My dad bought a new green car this week.

177. Honda’s new car looks huge and majestic.

178. Alex has uploaded new videos to Youtube.

179. Honda’s new car looks huge and majestic.

180. He really wants to buy a new motorcycle.

181. We haven’t encountered any new problems.

182. Look up the new words in your dictionary.

183. My new pair of shoes are made of leather.