Sentences with This, This in a Sentence in English, Sentences For This

Sentences with This, This in a Sentence in English, Sentences For This

1. This is cheap.

2. Is this right?

3. Try this sauce.

4. Is this a book?

5. This is a book.

6. This is Sparta!

7. This might hurt.

8. Is this correct?

9. This one’s mine.

10. This is his car.

11. This is the norm.

12. Is this annoying?

13. Crib this please.

14. Isn’t this great?

15. This is above me.

16. Copy this please.

17. Isn’t this great?

18. This has been fun.

19. What’s this chart?

20. Is this your bike?

21. Sign on this line.

22. This is messed up.

23. This is hilarious.

24. Who made this pie?

25. This is my sister.

26. This box is light.

27. This is my cousin.

28. This knife is dull.

29. This is not a joke.

30. This is not a book.

31. This is my bicycle.

32. This is disgusting.

33. This is my brother.

34. This can’t be good.

35. Whose car is this ?

36. May I use this bat?

37. Caption this photo.

38. This is not my day.

39. This is too bright.

40. This joke is crude.

41. This is great news.

42. This paper is rough.

43. Who wrote this poem?

44. Is this seat vacant?

45. This is magnificent.

46. This table is heavy.

47. Destroy this temple.

48. This is a great car!

49. This is my favorite.

50. 95.This is mine dog.

51. Is this bolt secure?

52. This forum is great.

53. I kept this for you.

54. This bird can’t fly.

55. Is this a compliment?

56. This is really gross.

57. This laptop is light.

58. This button is loose.

59. Sign above this line.

60. This is so hilarious.

61. I do love this sport.

62. This camera is cheap.

63. This pen has run dry.

64. This wall feels cold.

65. I dislike this song.*

66. This isn’t your place.

67. This basement is huge.

68. Let’s make this brief.

69. Let’s make this short.

70. This contest is fixed.

71. Did you buy this book?

72. This is a decent town.

73. This milk tastes sour.

74. Let’s make this brief.

75. This is a free sample.

76. Who took this picture?

77. This silk feels smooth.

78. I will not do this job.

79. This scene delights me.

80. This apple tastes sour.

81. This spoon is for soup.

82. This machine is idling.

83. This house is for rent.

84. Charge this bill to me.

85. We agree on this point.

86. This is my last review.

87. We can’t open this yet.

88. How wide is this river?

89. This juice tastes sour.

90. This must be the place.

91. I didn’t put this here.

92. Who will try this case?

93. This milk smells funny.

94. Steve knows this place.

95. This soup is too spicy.

96. I’m not making this up.

97. This is discrimination!

98. Are you making this up?

99. This book is very thick.

100. This knot will not hold.

101. I baked it this morning.

102. This watch is expensive.

103. This paragraph is vague.

104. Please lend me this pen.

105. This is pretty accurate.

106. I love this arrangement.

107. I can’t untie this knot.

108. May I swim in this lake?

109. This was a threat to us.

110. Who put this paper here?

111. This pencil is not gray.

112. He laid out this garden.

113. How do I do this to you?

114. This bolt fits this nut.

115. Can you untie this knot?

116. This spoils all my plans.

117. I love this mobile phone.

118. This cloth is very thick.

119. This makes me very angry.

120. This is my latest review.

121. I loved this celebration.

122. This coffee shop is cozy.

123. This fruit is very heavy.

124. This spider is poisonous.

125. This is all a conspiracy.

126. This is for your benefit.

127. I have to drive this car.

128. This knot’s coming loose.

129. This big victory is ours.

130. Let’s keep this a secret.

131. We can’t stand this cold.

132. This is just speculation.

133. Is this your sack or his?

134. My cat killed this mouse.

135. May I eat this hamburger?

136. I must do this right now!

137. 53.Stop doing this to me.

138. I can’t get this lid off.

139. Who painted this picture?

140. Can I cancel this ticket?

141. Did you watch this movie?

142. I’ve dreamed of this day.

143. This piece doesn’t match.

144. This job calls for skill.

145. Where does this piece go?

146. Did you sew this by hand?

147. This knot’s coming loose.

148. This is a beautiful house.

149. This Pupia. It is barking.

150. This won’t solve anything.

151. This is just a hypothesis.

152. I should give this to you.

153. Enjoy this delicious meal.