Sentences with Villages, Villages in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Villages

Sentences with Villages, Villages in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Villages

1. The villagers were moved.

2. The villagers must be worried.

3. Villagers love ducks very much.

4. The villagers can’t allow that.

5. She was born in a small village.

6. I live in a tiny fishing village.

7. The villagers arrived separately.

8. I live in a small fishing village.

9. The villagers stopped to help her.

10. Villagers do not like to talk much.

11. The villagers carried out that plan.

12. A plane is flying above the village.

13. Steve was raised in a small village.

14. My brother grew up in a little village.

15. It’s a village of two hundred inhabitants.

16. The school was quite far from our village.

17. The fire reduced the whole village to ashes.

18. The volcanic eruption threatened the village.

19. I’d rather stay in the village than live here.

20. There was a lotus in my grandfather’s village.

21. I’d rather stay in the village than live here.

22. I visited the village where my father was born.

23. The village had more than a thousand inhabitants.

24. The villagers must keep up the family traditions.

25. The villagers bought 5 kilograms of potatoes each.

26. My father was raised in a small and lovely village.

27. The villagers are planning to move into another house.

28. Instead of noblemen, let us have noble villages of men.

29. Neither the villagers nor the policemen passed this way.

30. The villagers were displaced by the construction of a dam.

31. 102.We haven’t been able to go to the village for over three years.

32. The villagers need to look ahead to make a decision for their company.

33. If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.

34. The chickens in my grandmother’s village made puppies this year, everywhere is full of tiny chicks.

35. So, we just kind of created our own thing and that’s part of the beauty of Athens: is that it’s so off the map and there’s no way you could ever be the East Village or an L.A. scene or a San Francisco scene, that it just became its own thing.

36. It used to happen in villages and towns in China that they would have – I guess you’d call them beauty contests – where all of the women of a particular village or town would be seated behind these screens or curtains with only their feet showing.

37. On bad days, I think I’d like to be a plastic surgeon who goes to Third World countries and operates on children in villages with airlifts, and then I think, ‘Yeah, right, I’m going to go back to undergraduate school and take all the biology I missed and then go to medical school.’ No. No.