What is Funeral Speech? Funeral Speech Examples and Definition

What is Funeral Speech? Funeral Speech Examples and Definition

Heartfelt Love and Respect: Funeral Speech

One of the saddest events in life is losing the people we love and know. Of course, we have something to say before saying goodbye to that person, and commemorating that person in this way will be one of the most important supports to both that person and his family. Emotionally it is difficult to conduct a funeral speech, but it is really important if you are asked to speak. The speech prepared in these situations is under a title as funeral speech. There are no known general rules for this conversation. A nice funeral speech can be prepared with a few tips that will be remembered.

Necessary Tips for Funeral Speech

The place you will be in for this speech will be very emotional, but first, you need to control your emotions. You need to make sure that everyone can hear the speech you have prepared, and make it calmly. Using a few important tips we will give you to prepare a funeral speech will help you in this regard.

First, you can start by talking about your connection with that person. Then you can talk a little bit about the feelings this loss aroused in you. Afterward, you can talk about the personality of that person and reinforce this situation with the events you have experienced with that person. It will also be useful to talk about your good memories and the things that he brought you. Adding that person’s achievements would be a nice sign of respect. Creating a draft of all these, editing, and writing them will give healthier results. It is also important to rehearse a speech beforehand.

A Funeral Speech Example

First of all, thank you everyone for coming here today to share my dear and cherished friend Jennifer’s death and our sadness. My name is Sarah. I was a friend of Jennifer from the moment she was born. We spent every moment of our day together, and most of the time we didn’t leave each other alone, even at night. My dear friend Jennifer’s death shocked me. Even at first, I could not believe it, I did not want to believe it. It was very difficult for me to accept this. Losing the person I was with all the time drove me into a deep void. But I’m sure she wouldn’t want to see me, her family, or anyone she cares so sad about.

We had a very good friendship with Jennifer. I am grateful to her. We had many good and bad memories together. All of our memories are in my mind and none of them are to be forgotten. We have a treehouse we built together. Just like yesterday, I remember how happy and excited she was when she built that treehouse. What she loved most was going to the treehouse at night and watching the stars. She loved the stars. She would love to add a star detail in all his stuff. We even got a star tattoo together. I am proud to carry a value that belongs to her. We used to live our good memories every weekend when we went out to feed the animals that stayed on the street. He loved animals very much, and we would go to see animals elsewhere every weekend.

Jennifer was a very brave and at the same time kind person. She was very kind to everyone she spoke to and was particularly noticeable in that aspect. She was an exemplary person with every move she made. As a child, I used to be ruder than she was. She always warned me, and day by day I forgot about my rude behavior. Thanks to her, I became a kinder person. Moreover, I was as cowardly as she was brave. She always protected me.

Jennifer was my friend I always admired. I always admired her in her profession and motherhood. She was happy with every award she won in her business life as if I had won that award. I haven’t met a successful person like her. My infinite respect and love for him will continue until I die. I promise to take good care of the treehouse she inherited from me and her beloved dog, Dollar. Rest in peace, my friend.


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