50 Examples of Gerunds, Definition and Example Sentences

50 examples of gerunds, Definition and Example Sentences


The Gerund, Detailed Expressions and Example Sentences

The gerund is a verb that acts like a noun in a sentence. The subject in which the names are used in the sentence is used in the case of the object. The gerund is obtained by adding the -ing tag to a verb root.

It is important to note the distinction between the gerund verb and the present participle. It may not always be the gerund which receives the ”ing” tag but it can also be participles. Present participle verbs report continuity.

Here are 50 Examples of Gerunds;

1. Swimming is my favourite sport.

2. Having to get up early won’t bother me at all.


3. Getting up early is a good habit.

4. Being married will not make me happy.

5. Looking after many children keeps Susan busy.

6. I can’t stand Tom’s speaking German.

7. After taking a bath, I felt fine.

8. I was afraid of hurting her feelings.


9. I’m afraid I have to delay going on holiday because of my personal problems.

10. You can go to cinema when you’ve finished doing your homework.

Verb + Gerund

11. acknowledge

12. anticipate

13. appreciate

14. consider

15. defend

16. deny

17. detest

18. discuss

19. go

20. imagine

21. involve

22. keep

23. recall

Verb + Prepposition + Gerund

24. adapt to

25. apologize for

26. approve of

27. ask about

28. believe in

29. blame for

30. care about

31. complain about

32. engage in

33. forgive for

34. give up

35. help with

36. look forward to

37. result from

38. succeed in

39. suffer from

40. talk about

41. take part in

42. there’s no point in

43. think about

44. warn about

45. work on

46. worry about

Be + Adjective + Prep. + Gerund

47. be good at

48. be sad about

49. be successful in

50. be suitable for