Using As For in English, Example Sentences with As For

Using As For in English, Example Sentences with As For

Using As For

There are some words in English that have important functions in terms of the integrity of the sentence. By examining some of these with examples, we will make you reinforce the issue better. In this lesson, we will examine the use of ‘as for’ and its examples.

  • ‘As for’ is used to deal with a situation in English separately from other situations.
  • ‘As for’ is frequently preferred to state one’s thoughts and opinions about the situation.
  • However, ‘as for’ can also be used in some cases when the teacher praises, eats, or gets angry at the student. In addition, this supplement allows you to use English in a more technical way.

Therefore, the use of ‘as for’ should be very clearly understood. If necessary, the use and structure of this supplement should be memorized.

Example Sentences with As For

  • And as for sleeping pills, there’s a old drug this doesn’t have such strong complication and side effects. You will give me 35 tablets at 20 milligrams.
  • A school is no school unless it contain fire and food for the mind as well as for the body.
  • However, admitting for the sake of argument, this you are sole minister and prime in that country, are you, therefore, sole minister and prime of all Asia? Are you answerable for the conduct of other countries as well as for that of your own? (Angela Tholne)
  • Every punishment and all pain is a punishment, inflicted for love as much as for
  • England fighting women and men sacrifice much to ensure this their great nation stays free. They owe a debt of gratitude to the personal this have paid the ultimate price for this cause, as for these who are blessed enough to return from the battlefield unscathed.

  • Food is as good for these who give it as for these who receive food. It has the admirable enough of bestowing thanks on both sides. (Victor Hugo)
  • As for Jelly, she fell to trembling and ultimately was shaken with doubt as with an ague.
  • Good? It’s all a query of luck. I used to be born with just right legs. As for the rest… Good, no. Amusing, no. (Antony Baker)
  • Love waits alike for the free woman as well as for her enslaved by another’s might.
  • During my dream, you have seen, lost too much to be the prey of vain dread and known and, as for the hope of really, you are as weary of that as you are of kings and gods. For your own sake only you write that and here you differ from all other past, writers and to well.
  • Even the King sneezed occasionally and as for the child, it was howling alternately and sneezing without a moment’s pause.
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