Using Since in English, Example Sentences with Since

How tou use Using Since in English, Example Sentences with Since

Using Since

In this lesson we will see the use of ‘since’. ‘Since’ acts as a preposition, stating a time in English with reference to a time. For this reason, it is used with perfect tense. The word “since” comes before the reference time. There are some situations that need attention in this regard. For example, there are many word pairs that appear to be used the same way in English, but are actually different in purpose. ‘Since’ and ‘for’ are one of these pairs.

A brief explanation of ‘Since’ and ‘for’ can give a clearer idea of ​​when to use. Both words have different meanings, so you shouldn’t be surprised when you see them in different contents. ‘Since’ is used for similar purposes but not exactly the same. They are related to when the event took place.

You can use the preposition of ‘Since’ to indicate the beginning of a period that lasts until today. ‘Since’ is used to point out the starting point of actions, situations and events. “Since” is used only with perfect tenses.

Note: ‘Since’ should be used when talking about when a situation begins. For describing a time period, for should be used. ‘Since’ can only be used with perfect tenses, but for all time modes.


  • I haven’t been riding since I was 15 years old.
  • We were both in America 5 years ago. Unfortunately, we have not met since
  • Jesica has not read newspapers since she left home.
  • How long is it since Tommy was in New York?
  • Nobody has seen her since Samara went to London 3 years ago.
  • My aunt was seriously ill last month, but has got doing so well ever since
  • This company was founded in 1988. It is actively selling products since then
  • How long have you been since reading?
  • Their children have been waiting for them since they left.


  • Almost ten centuries have passed since America was founded.
  • It has improved since I last saw Elisa.
  • Since the creation of the European studies program, English has become the favorite course at the university.
  • His English has really improved since he moved to England.
  • Tomas loves coffee since he was little.
  • He has not searched the school since the New Year.
  • They’ve been here since eight o’clock.
  • He hasn’t been going out because he’s been tired since he finished college.
  • I have been waiting for buses continuously since15.
  • He has been driving since 18 years.
  • They have not used any permits since
  • Good-looking Angela has been my best friend since we were eight years old.


  • I haven’t seen my uncle since
  • We love movies with science fiction and history since our childhood.
  • We’ve met a lot of friends since we moved here.
  • The phone has got ringing at least six times from unknown numbers since
  • Since the 1800s, scientists and historians have made many important discoveries. .
  • I have had this red car since 2000 and never intends to sell this car.
  • Tommy hasn’t eaten and drunk anything since
  • Me and Duncan have known each other since last February and support each other in all circumstances.

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