100 Examples of Homonyms with Sentences

English Example Sentences, 100 Examples of Homonyms with Sentences


English Example Sentences, 100 Examples of Homonyms with Sentences

100 Examples Of Homonyms With Sentences

Words that have different spellings and meanings but have the same pronunciation are called homonyms. Homonyms words are given below with sample sentences:

  1. Can- Can:

Can you throw these cans in the trash?

He say he can draw these pictures.

  1. Wreak- Reek:

You have to teach him that getting wreak is not a good thing.


Where does this bad reek come from?

  1. Soul- Sole:

You can learn a lot about the relationship between spirit and body from this book.

This is not sole a meal you can eat.

  1. Route- Root:

We created our route and set off tomorrow.

We started to investigate the root of this language.

  1. Cent- Sent- Scent:

Can you give us fifty cents?


I sent you all messages yesterday.

Can you feel the scent in the room?

  1. Cell- Sell:

Cells always renew themselves.

There is a decrease in the sell of our store this month.

  1. Flat- Flat:

Flat number five sounded very loud last night.

We cleaned all the flat of the house.

  1. Lie- Lye:

He was telling his child that it was not a good thing to lie.

This bottle has lye.

  1. Pray- Prey:

I will pray for you to win the exam.

The prey given in this book are told.

  1. Need- Knead:

I need you very much nowadays.

I have to knead the dough to make these little donuts.

  1. Isle- Aisle:

Jane started living on a small island.

Today we bought a small carpet for the aisle.

  1. Foul- Fowl:

I guess this foul smell comes from the garbage.

We made a nice shelter for fowl.

  1. Die- Dye:

I had a little blue bird but died last summer.

I think these dyo are all dry.

  1. Ate- Eight:

I ate the pasta you made for me.

The boy playing ball outside was eight years old.

  1. Allowed- Aloud:

I’m allowed workplace today.

The children spoke aloud at school.

  1. Add- Ad:

Let’s add this information to the end of the book.

All of the sites I opened had ads.

  1. Ant- Aunt:

I know ants are hardworking animals.

My aunt will be visiting us next week.

  1. Ball- Bawl:

I loved playing ball when I was little.

Bawl is not a pleasant act.

  1. Band- Banned:

This band is new but very good.

There is a banned cave above and I am very curious about it.

  1. Berry- Bury:

The taste of these berry is quite delicious.

We should bury these jewels in the backyard.

  1. Berth- Birth:

I never thought this berth would be so comfortable.

I thought the birth was tomorrow, it was today.

  1. Better- Bettor:

The red dress he wore last night is better than the others.

His uncle is a bettor.

  1. Board- Bored:

This table is quite board.

Jane is very bored to play this game.

  1. Boarder- Border:

We couldn’t find a boarder area here.

Your illness is at the border.

  1. Break- Brake:

Who broke this glass?

I couldn’t brake while in the car.

  1. Cache- Cash:

I caught my grandpa’s caches.

Withdraw all the cash in the bank and bring it to me.

  1. Scents- Sense:

The scents in this shop are very nice.

This sense makes me very happy.

  1. Chance- Chants:

I wish you good chance in your exam.

Today we listen to chants.

  1. Chile- Chili:

This summer we will go to Chile on vacation.

Did you put chili pepper in the dish?

  1. Choir- Quire:

This is the most impressive choir I’ve ever heard.

Can you get me a quire?

  1. Site- Sight:

Almost all the sites in our country are historical.

They are not all within sight.

  1. Climb- Clime:

I do not have the courage to climb the highest mountain in the world.

Clime has changed a lot now.

  1. Facts- Fax:

The facts we heard were pretty scary.

In order to be accepted into this business, we need to send a fax to the company.

  1. Finnish- Finish:

Our neighbors who have just moved to the apartment are Finnish.

I finished the morning swimming race first.

  1. Gene- Jean:

Today we studied genes in biology.

He is very uncomfortable wearing jeans.

  1. Gilt- Guilt:

I saw a gilt vase in the exhibition.

This is a guilt you have done.

  1. Greece- Grease:

We will go to Greece this winter break.

Her clothes were contaminated with grease.

  1. He’ll- Heal:

He’ll come here today.

The juices I prepared for you healed you.

  1. Higher- hire:

This house is higher than the other.

We are going to hire a car tomorrow.

  1. Knead- Need:

Now knead all the ingredients I put in this container.

I need your attention today.

  1. Knows- Nose:

It’s all what you already know.

I had a nose surgery last winter.

  1. Leak- Leek:

Water is leaking from the roof of our house, we must have it repaired as soon as possible.

My mom makes leek food very well.

  1. Merry- Marry:

Merry Christmas to you all!

Since we will get married this summer, we will buy a new house.

  1. Miner- Minor:

My girlfriend’s father is a miner.

Our profession is called the minor sector.

  1. Muscle- Mussel:

My muscles hurt a lot today because I did a very tiring sport yesterday morning.

My favorite duo is mussels and beer.

  1. Pain- Pane:

I feel very painful as I hit my head against the wall.

My little brother broke the pane so my mother was very angry with him.

  1. Pair- Pear:

This is your pair.

We bought a pound of pears from the market and returned home.

  1. Praise- Prays:

We praise it very much.

All my prayers are with you, be very happy.

  1. Profit- Prophet:

This year, our company made a 20% profit.

This book contains information about the prophets.

  1. Rain- Reign:

Today it is rain so you should take your umbrella with you.

This fairy tale talks about the decline of a very strong reign over the years.

  1. Rough- Ruff:

Did they tell you how rough a man was before?

This is a ruff.

  1. Seen (past part of see)- Scene:

I seen you at school this morning.

You looked so scene on the stage.

  1. Seas- seize:

Do seas always smell so good?

Turtles cannot seize rabbits.

  1. Sew- So:

When will you sew these trees in the ground?

My brother’s toy was broken, so he cried all day.

  1. Sour- Sore:

These apples are very sour and raw.

When I went to the doctor, I said that my complaint was sore throat.

  1. Solace- Soulless:

My only solace was that he loved me.

You were not such a soulless person.

  1. Steal- Steel:

Thieves often steal valuable items.

All of our pots that we use in the kitchen are steel.

  1. Thyme- Time:

These mountains smell very nice thyme.

Time is running fast like water.

  1. Vary- Very:

Vary data are available on this subject.

He loves my cat and he loves me very much.

  1. Wore (past of wear)- War:

I wore your dress that day.

There is war in the content of this computer game, please do not play it to your children.

  1. We’ll- Wheel:

We’ll go to a picnic tomorrow.

We stayed on the road for hours because the wheel of the car exploded.

  1. Your- You’re:

Where’s your book?

You’re eat this chicken.

  1. Weak- Week:

I feel very weak today.

There are 4 weeks in a month.

  1. Sun- Son:

The sun looks very bright today.

When will your son come?

  1. See- Sea:

It is nice to see you!

Getting some sea air will be good for all of us.

  1. Meet- Meat:

I am very glad to meet you.

I recommend you to eat this meat dish.

  1. Fort- Fought:

Do you see the fort away?

I hope this fought between us ends immediately.

  1. Groan- Grown:

Since the child was very sick, he groaned until morning.

This boy has grown up.

  1. Holy- Wholly:

This is a holy place for us.

Whole ingredients have been here for two weeks.

  1. Hour- Our:

I waited for you in the cold weather for an hour.

Our family is so much fun.

  1. I –Eye:

I know you very-well.

You have big and colorful eye.

  1. Know- No:

I know how hard it is for you to go to school.

No, I don’t let you go with him.

  1. Links- Lynx:

There was a links because his arm was broken.

The documentary we watched last night showed the lives of the lynxes.

  1. Mail- Male:

Since I am on leave today, I reach the boss by mail.

These are all male products.

  1. Right- Write:

You never tell me the right.

I am writing a book about my life.

  1. Than- Then:

Than that you come.

Then I would like to see you again.

  1. Where- Wear:

Where were you last night?

what do you think to wear at the meeting?

  1. Red- Read:

The name of our fairy tale today is the girl in the red hood.

I will read my favorite book.

  1. Too- Two:

Nice to meet you too.

I have two sisters and one brother.

  1. Air- Heir:

Your air conditioner is blowing cold air.

He had no heirs, so he donated all of his legacy to the foundations.

  1. Beach- Beech:

Walking on the beach at night is quite pleasant.

There are many beech trees in this forest.

  1. Bee- Be:

The bee mentioned in the fairy tale was very hard working.

You must be careful.

  1. Buy- By- Bye:

I went to the market and buy everything you wanted.

These assignments were given to me by my teacher.

Goodbye, see you next year.

  1. Way- Weight:

We should try to solve this question in another way.

You are very weak, your weight is not the same.

  1. Their- There:

Their horses will not take part in this race.

There are four apples here.

  1. Lessen- Lesson:

You should lessen everything that is too much.

I am very happy that my favorite teacher has a lesson.

  1. Grate- Great:

Are you grate these carrots?

You look great this morning.

  1. Gait- Gate:

Your gait is very serious.

There must be a gate 100 meters ahead.

  1. Flower- Flour:

Whose are these colorful flowers?

I need some flour to make fresh cookies.

  1. Fool- Full:

Don’t you understand they’re fool you?

This bottle is full.

  1. Find- Fined:

You should find the right answers yourself.

Your friend is fined for 3 days.

  1. Feat- Feet:

We will not forget this feat you have done.

These shoes are suitable for your feet.

  1. Cheap- Cheep:

The dress I bought for you was not very cheap.

Birds are cheep all together.

  1. Cell- Sell:

The subject of our biology lesson today is cells.

He sell all the goods he had in his hand at a cheap price.

  1. One- Won:

Let’s meet on the beach one hour later.

I won this race last year.

  1. Patience- Patients:

He was a very patience teacher.

We work all night for the health of patients.

  1. Practice- Practise:

The practices you do will be very useful for you.

You need to practise a lot on vacation.

  1. Ring- Wring:

Can you see the bell ringing?

Please don’t wring what is said to you.

  1. Sale- Sail:

Sale has started in this store.

This morning we were sailing.

  1. Stile- Style:

We make the stile for the farm.

You are a very style woman.