Modal Verbs Can, How to Use Modal Verbs in English

Modal Verbs Can, How to Use Modal Verbs in English

Modal Verbs Can, How to Use Modal Verbs in English


Can is used when talking about talents, the ability to do a job.

Can – usage areas

1. When we allow someone to do an action or ask permission to perform an action, we use can.

Example Sentences

  • As long as you live here, you can use all my stuff.
  • You can join the party tonight, not too late. Please be home at 2:00.

(For English Modals Table and Example Sentences)

2. When we talk about our abilities, we use ‘can‘ if we have the ability to perform an action. Likewise, when we do not have the ability to perform an action, we can use can. If we want to say that we cannot do a job, that we do not have the talent, we must use the negative state of can. Ie ‘can not’.

  • He has lived in Germany for 10 years so he can speak German very well.


3. In intimate environments, if we want to make a request, we can use ‘can’. It would be more appropriate to prefer to use ‘could’ when we want to ask in official environments.

  • Can you get me a glass of water from the kitchen?
  • My cat will run out, can you please close the door?


4. Use of can in negative sentences: If it is impossible for us to do an action, we use ‘can not’. In the same way, if we do not have the ability to perform an action, we make negative sentences. The short form is “can’t”.

  • My dog looks very thirsty. But it can’t be thirsty because it just drank a bowl of water.


5. Question sentences established with Can: In both positive and negative forms, we can form a question sentence, ‘Can’ is written at the beginning of the positive question sentences, ‘can’t’ is written at the beginning of the negative question sentences.

  • Can we go south this summer for vacation?
  • Can’t they drive this car?


Modals of Ability – CAN

He can speak five languages.

Modals of Request -CAN

Can you make me tea?

Modals of Permission – CAN

Can I use your bike?

Modals of Offer – CAN

Can I help you with this?

Modals of Possibility – CAN

Smoking can cause cancer.


20 Example Sentences with Modal Verbs Can
  • Can you make me coffee?
  • Can you hand me the pen?
  • Alcohol can cause canser.
  • They can stay with us when they come.
  • I can speak four languages.
  • She can drive a car.
  • Can I use your book, please?
  • If you want, you can go to the park.
  • It can’t be raining. The sun is shining and there are no rain clouds.
  • You can’t be 50! You look young.
  • Can I ask you some questions?
  • You can drive my bike.
  • He can speak English fast.
  • Fishes can swim.
  • You can buy tickets from the dealers.
  • Can I have some tea, please?
  • Can I help you?
  • If they like, I can carry some bags for you.
  • There is nothing left in the fridge. Can I do some shopping for you?

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