10 Lines Short Stories with Moral in English

10 Lines Short Stories with Moral in English

10 Lines Short Stories with Moral in English


While a man was walking on the ocean shore, he came across someone hurrying into the sea. A little closer he realizes that this Person has thrown the starfish that hit the beach into the sea:

“Why are you throwing these starfish in the sea?” said. When he replied “for Lives”, he was astonished:

“Good, but there are thousands of starfish here. No way you can throw it all away. What will it change if you throw them into the sea? ” he says.

The person who takes another starfish from the ground and throws it into the sea:

– “Look, Much has changed for him” he replies.

Short Stories in English for Students

Self-Realizing Prophecy

There was a person named Nick. Nick was a strong, healthy worker working in the maneuvering area. He is a reliable person who has a good relationship with his friends and does his job well. One summer day, train workers are released an hour in advance due to the foreman’s birthday.

Nick, who came for repair and entered a cooling wagon in the maneuvering area, accidentally closes the door from the inside, locks himself in the cooler wagon. Other workers think Nick came out before them. Nick kicks the door, shouts, but no one hears, and those who hear do not hear much because they are in an environment where such voices are constantly coming. Nick starts to get scared when he freezes here. If I don’t get out of here, I’ll start thinking, “I’m going to freeze hard here.” It goes inside a half-torn cardboard box inside. It starts to tremble. On a piece of paper he received, he wrote to his wife and family that they had last thought:

It was so cold, my body started to feel numb. If I could sleep! These may be my last words?

The works that open the door of the cooler wagon the next day find Nick’s frozen body. An autopsy shows that he died from freezing. But what made this phenomenon extraordinary was that the cooling wagon cooling engine was out of order and not working. Nick’s fear was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Moral Stories for Kids in English

Secret of Room No: 311

Mysterious deaths were constantly occurring at a hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. The nurses found the patients who were hospitalized in intensive care room 311 every Friday for weeks in a row. These glazed deaths could not be explained for a long time. Everyone was mobilized to resolve the issue. Experts checked the air of the room bacteriologically. South Africa’s leading scientists interviewed the families of the deceased for three weeks.

In fact, the police got involved and every possibility that came to mind was evaluated one by one, but their research was also inconclusive. As a last resort, the intensive care room number 311, where the patients remained, was under constant surveillance and eventually the cause of the deaths in the room emerged. The result was very tragicomic. It was observed that the cleaning woman who cleaned the rooms at 6 am on Friday morning unplugged the respiratory device to which the patient was connected, plugged her own vacuum cleaner and, after finishing her work, plugged her respirator back into place.

Tree Planting Elderly

Seeing the old man who is busy planting trees, the emperor asked:

“You’re probably not going to eat the fruit of the trees you planted, why are you trying?”

Old man;

“We ate the fruits of the trees before us, so that those who eat us will eat the fruits of our plantings.”

This answer enjoyed the emperor very much and took out and gave it gold. Return to the deputy of the emperor, who constantly gave gold for a long time, let’s not stop here any more, otherwise this old man said he will not leave money for us.

Scorpio and Man

A man sees a scorpion trying to advance in the water. He decides to save him and stretches his finger, but the scorpion stings him. The man tries to save the scorpion from the water again, but the scorpion stings him again. Someone else nearby tells him to stop trying to save the scorpion who is constantly trying to get him in. But the man says:

“The sting is inherent in the scorpion. In my nature, there is love. Why would I give up on loving what is my own nature, because sting is inherent in the scorpion?


A teacher said while sitting in the desert with his students:

“How do you distinguish between day and night? When exactly does darkness begin and when does the air illuminate? ”

One of the students:

“I look at the distant herd, it means that it was evening when I could not separate the sheep from the goat,” he replied.

Another student took the floor: “When I separate the fig tree from the olive tree, I understand that it started in the morning.”

The teacher was silent for a long time, the students were curious and asked what they thought. The teacher said:

“When I walk, when I see a woman, I can tell her my sister without separating whether she is beautiful, ugly, white or black. And when I can count my brother without looking at the man, rich or poor when I walk; It has been morning, the light has begun. ”

Five Monkeys

They put five monkeys in the cage, hang a banana in the middle and a banana on top of it. When each monkey climbs the stairs, they squeeze cold water from the outside when they want to reach the bananas. When each monkey attempts the same experiment, it is soaked with very cold water, all monkeys get soaked at the end of these trials.

After a while, the monkeys, who move to the bananas, start to be blocked by the others. The water is turned off, one of the monkeys is taken out and a new monkey is put in its place, the first thing he does is climb the ladder to reach the bananas. But the other four monkeys don’t allow it and beat the new monkey.

Later, one of the soaked monkeys is replaced by a newer monkey, and he is beaten on his first attack on the ladder, this is the first new monkey to beat the second new monkey the most violent and eager. The third of the wet monkeys is also replaced. The newest monkey is also punished in his first attack. The two newcomers from the other four monkeys have no idea why they beat the newest monkey. Finally, the fourth and fifth of the original wetted monkeys are replaced by new ones. Although a bunch of bananas are hanging on their hills, none of them are approaching the stairs anymore. You ask why? Because things come here and go like this.

The Smart Man

During a visit to a mental institution, one of the man asks:

“How do you determine whether a person will go to a mental hospital?”

The doctor says, “We fill a tub with water. Then we give the patient three things. A spoon, a cup and a bucket. Then we ask the person how he prefers to empty the tub. What would you do?”

The man said, “Ooo! Got it. A normal person prefers the bucket. Because the bucket is larger than the spoon and the cup.”

“No,” says the doctor, “a normal person pulls the bathtub.”

Father and Son

One day, a rich father took his family and son to the village. This journey had one goal, show your son how poor people can be. They spent one night and day at the farm of a very poor family. When they returned from the journey, the father asked his son;

“Have you seen how poor people can be?”


“What did you learn?”

His son replied;

“I saw this: We have a dog at home, four of them. We have a pool that stretches to the middle of the garden, their streams are endless. There are imported lamps in our garden, their stars. Our field of vision is up to the front courtyard, they see a whole horizon. ”

When his son finished his speech, his father could not find anything to say. Her son added;

“Thank you, dad. Because you showed how poor we are! ”


There was a family fighting in the countryside of China. This family, consisting of grandfather, father, mother and child, was suffering a lot. One day, the father set out to the river by putting the grandfather, who did not work other than sitting in a corner with years of exhaustion, into the market shrine. The boy, playing with his friends by the river, asked his father what he was doing.

Father: ‘There is nothing her grandfather does other than burden us. I decided to throw him into the river with this bag.’

The boy was excited and thrown:

‘Dad, don’t throw the bag. Because when one day you come and you get old, I need that pan’

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