Funny Short Stories, Funny Moral Comedy Stories

Funny Short Stories, Funny Moral Comedy Stories

Fun Way of Communication: Funny Short Stories

What cheers up that moment when you’re in boring conversations? Funny short stories are there for these times. This way it becomes real to make people around you laugh and have a good time. But one of the most important points to be aware of is that the story to be told will be funny to everyone. For this reason, it would be one of the most logical steps to take the story subjects more from daily life. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take care that the subjects are different and interesting. Of course, everyone’s humor is different. Some people do not even know how to use humor. By reading this article, it is possible to have small tips on how to write funny short stories using humor in daily life.

Creating Funny Short Stories

Don’t assume that you don’t have a sense of humor. Trust the sense of humor that lies somewhere in you. The story to be told must be natural, so it’s unnecessary to force it for humor. It would be a good option to talk about situations and events that people know to make up the story, to make them laugh. Another important point is to stay away from clichés. The number of people laughing at clichés is very few. Humor cannot be used as a generalization because humor is different for everyone. For this reason, it is important to choose a specific audience when preparing a funny short story.

Here are 10 Lines Short Stories with Moral in English

Let’s Have A Little Laugh With Examples


In a far away place, a small community of people lived. In their own right, this is a place where there is no technology. People who came to do research were very surprised. There wasn’t even a mirror in that place. One of the locals saw a mirror in the hands of a researcher. He was so surprised that when he saw the mirror he wanted to take it to himself. The researcher also gave it. He took the mirror to his house and looked into it for hours. The man fell asleep with a mirror in his hand. Then the man’s child came. He took the mirror in his father’s hand and looked. There is a little boy in front of him. He found his mother by running. He said, “ Mommy, my father is sleeping hugging a little boy. ” The woman came to the man and took the mirror and looked, there is a woman in front of the woman. He said, “My son, this is not a little boy, your father is cheating on me!” The man wanted to take back the mirror with great effort. When the woman did not want to give it back, the mirror suddenly fell and broke. Suddenly the man started to cry. When his wife asked what happened to him, he said, “You broke my father, he was shattered.” The man, who bent down to collect the broken mirror pieces, suddenly started screaming. ”Oh my God! I had one father, but now I have more than one father! ”


One day a governor went to the town to visit. He saw everyone one by one and chatted. While the governor was leaving the town, the headman came running to the governor. ” Governor, can we talk a little bit? Our town has too many problems. ” Said the headman. The governor happily accepted and they sat at the headman’s house and started talking. The governor asked the headman to tell all the problems. The headman said that there is a very small school in the town and that there is only one teacher. The governor said, “I’m doing it right now.” He picked up the phone and asked them to send a teacher to town and hung up. The headman stared in surprise. “We have water shortages in the town, we need a dam to the river,” said the headman. The governor picked up the phone again, talked to someone, and said, “I’ve arranged this too, is there any other problem?” The headman said that there was a much bigger problem. He turned to the governor and said, “We cannot use phones here for years, governor, there is no telephone line here.”

Stolen Car

There were three people in a car and they were driving on the road. There was a police checkpoint up ahead. The cops stopped the car. They said to the passengers, “A lot of cars passed here, but none of the passengers wore seat belts. But you used it. Tell me, what gift can we give you? ” The driver asked for a driver’s license from the police. One of the other passengers, who were afraid that the police would write a penalty, said, “I’m sorry, officer, he drank.” The cops got angry. They got the passengers out of the car. At that time, the third passenger said to his friends, “I told you not to go far away in a stolen car.”


Four men were sitting in a cafe and chatting. All four of these men are married. One man said to the other, “You are very afraid of your wife, I know.” The man did not accept this. Then his phone rang, the caller was his wife. The man told his friends that he had to go and that his wife wanted it. The remaining three men continued the conversation. During the conversation, another man’s phone rang. On the phone, his wife yelled at him and told him to come home immediately. The man quickly got up and went to his house. While the remaining two people were chatting, one of them said to the other, “Are you not afraid of your spouse?” “Yes, I am scared,” the man said, “Are you afraid of your wife? He said, I wiped the whole house and washed the dishes. Moreover, I ironed all the clothes and cut the lawn in the garden. Why should I be afraid of my wife? ”