Short Stories in English for Students

Short Stories in English for Students


Short Stories in English for Students


The famous 60’s painter enters a restaurant. Though he has no money in his pocket, but he doesn’t mind. He tells the restaurant that he wants to eat in return for his portrait. It saturates itself beautifully. Then he draws the portrait of the restaurant in a snap and leaves it on the table. When getting up, the man comes, looks at the picture, likes it.

“Fine,” says the restaurateur, “You did it in a minute, whereas you have been eating for an hour”.


“It’s not a minute, it’s 60 years and a minute,” he responds.


The students of a sage asked one day:


“Why do people get bad habits easier and good habits harder? Why can’t they keep their good habits for a long time”?

Elderly wise:

“Well, let me ask you a question: What do you think happens if we leave the good seed in the sun and bury the bad, rotten seed in the ground?” said.

“Good seeds will dry in the sun, bad seeds will give diseased sprouts

and a healthy fruit will not be formed. ”

Wise continued:


“People also behave like this: they keep the goodness in their souls and

they are exposed and lost rather than enlarged. On the other hand, they hide their sins and bad sides in them to hide from others. They grow up there and destroy man from his heart… But you, be wise…”

Secret of Happiness

A teenager once wanted to learn the secrets of happiness. He searched wise. They said it was a person who asked and investigated. He also learned that he lived in a mansion within forty days. He was not cold, he set off and found the sage. Bilge hosted her with a beautiful feast, asked her request:

“The secret of happiness,” said the young man, “teach me this.”

Wise agreed to give this secret. He gave a spoon to the young man’s hand and put two drops of oil in the spoon.

He said, “You will have a nice tour of my mansion, but you will not pour this oil.”

The boy was walking around the palace, but his eye was always on the spoon. He’s back. Wise he asked.

“Did you see the Acem carpets in the living room, did you notice the fireplace in the library, did you see the roses in the garden?” asked a lot of details. The embarrassed young man admitted that he had not seen anything. Because he was just looking at oil.

Wise said:

“So go and see the wonders of my mansion more carefully now. You cannot trust that person without knowing the house he lives in ”.

The young man, who was relieved, paid attention to everything he saw in his hand and he explained what he saw beautifully.


“So, where are the two drops of oil I entrust to you? He asked.

The young man looking at the spoon saw that two drops of oil were spilled.

The sage of sages said;

“The secret of happiness is to see all the wonders of the world, but without forgetting two drops of oil”.


One day, a farmer’s donkey falls into a blind well in one of the villages. The donkey writhes and cries in pain for hours. When the owner who hears his voice comes and looks, he sees the poor donkey at the bottom of the well.

The desperate farmer calls on the villagers for help. The villagers think about what they will do to save the donkey in the blind well, but ultimately decide that it is impossible to save it and it is not worth working for it.

The only remedy is to cover the well with soil. Everybody throws soil into the well from the shovels they take with their shovels. The poor animal shrugs the lands on it every time and dumps to the bottom. After a while, thanks to the soil under his feet, he rises a little more at any moment and eventually goes up. Villagers are very surprised at the donkey that comes out of the well.

Life is sometimes loaded on us and it is as if we are covered with dust and soil. The only way to deal with these is not to complain, but to shake and get rid of, to step into the light. Even if we are in a blind well…


One of the great scholars of the past, he returned from a long journey tired exhausted and the weight of sweat to dirt was added to it. The first job of the information that came to its homeland was to go to the bathhouse and get rid of the dirt and sweat that caused the most discomfort. He was someone who did not feel like a man who washed himself in the bath. The handful of dirt filled with the wash pouch was stacked in front of the scholar, as he said, “How dirty are you?” While the slaughtering process is going on, when he finds out that the person he interrupted is someone who has knowledge,

“Sir, you are a profound scholar, ‘what is bravery?’ Can you tell me clearly? ” said.

The great scholar who was being washed had the opportunity to give a thin lesson to the bellman, he said:

“Bravery is not to shake anyone’s shame and flaws, not to show their dirt to him”

Good and Bad

They were sitting in front of the Old Indian chief shed with their grandchildren, watching two wolf dogs struggling with each other. One of the dogs was white, one was black and as long as the ten year old boy knew himself, those dogs were grappling in front of his grandfather’s hut. These were two large wolf dogs that his grandfather always kept in mind and did not take away from him. The boy thought that a dog was enough to protect the hut, he wanted to understand why his grandfather needed the second dog and why the colors were necessarily black and white. He curiously asked his grandfather: The old chief caressed his granddaughter’s back with a wise smile.

– “They” said, “It is two icons for me, son.”

– “What is the symbol?” Asked the boy.

– “Symbol of good and evil. Just like the dogs you see, goodness and evil constantly struggle within us. As I watch them, I always think about it. That’s why I keep them with me. Child, here is the word; He thought, “If there is a struggle, there must be a winner,” and he added a new one to each child’s endless questions:

– “All right,” he said. “Which one do you think wins this struggle?”

The wise chief looked at his grandson with a deep smile.

– “Which one is that kid? Which one do I feed better! ”