Bedroom Vocabulary, English Vocabulary for the Bedroom with Pictures

Bedroom Vocabulary, English Vocabulary for the Bedroom with Pictures


The bedroom is a private room for the parents, usually used for sleeping. Unlike other rooms, this room has some functions for use. It is a part of the house used for individuals to dress, sleep or spend time alone. There are some types of bedrooms, the master bedroom is located in every home. Some large, multi – roomed houses also have a guest bedroom and a children’s bedroom. There are some places where these rooms are available, eg hotels, pensions.

Clothes Names, Clothes Vocabulary in English and Example Sentences

There are some items that are generally kept in bedrooms, some of which are given below with sample sentences:

Air Conditioner

We live in a very hot country and have trouble sleeping at night, so we decided to buy an air conditioner in the bedroom.


The beds of the hotel we went last summer were very comfortable.

An Alarm Clock

The alarm clock is a must-have tool in your room because I have always had a hard time waking up.

Bunk Bed

Since we have twin children, this year we decided to buy a bunk bed in their bedroom.


My white naughty cat scattered all the hangers inside my closet and shattered my clothes.


Since I have a neck hernia, today I searched and bought the most suitable pillow for myself from the shopping center.

A Lamp and Bedside Table

I love reading books before I go to sleep every night so I use the lamp on the bedside table very often.

Rocking Chair

My grandfather’s house in the village has a rocking chair in the bedroom, I enjoy sitting there every summer.

A Television

I oppose my kids watching TV so I moved the TV to my bedroom.


By this time I bought so many clothes that they no longer fit in my wardrobe.


I am getting married this summer and I first started buying carpets for my new home.