Shapes Names, List of Geometric Shapes

English Shapes Names: List of Geometric Shapes


Shapes Names, List of Geometric Shapes

There are shapes that we use in almost every aspect of our lives. Some of them;

  • Trapezoid
  • Rectangle
  • Octagon
  • Polygon
  • Abstract
  • Leaf
  • Star
  • Crescent
  • Drop
  • Arrow
  • Cross
  • Bell
  • Club
  • Spade
  • Heart
  • Diamond
  • Cylinder
  • Cone
  • Pyramid
  • Cube
  • Sphere
  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Oval
  • Triangle
  • Parallelogram
  • Trapezium
  • Hexagon
  • Rhombus
  • Pentagon

Shapes, appear in every period of our lives. So the shapes are very important objects.

‘What shape is it?’ We can learn the shape of an object with the question.

  • What shape is it?
  • –  It is a rectangle.
  • What shape is it?
  • – It is a heart.


The ‘what shape’ or ‘which shape’  patterns are used to ask how many edges and vertices of the shape. For examlpe , ‘‘how many shape has …. Edge / vertice?

’’The word ‘has’ is used for reporting ownership.

  • – Which shape has four edges?
  • + Square has four edges.
  • – Which shape has five vertices?
  • + Pentagon has five vertices.
  • – Which shape has six edges and six vertices?
  • + Hexagon has six edges and six vertices.
  • – Which shape has one edge?
  • + Semicircle has one edge.
  • – Which shape has nine edges and nine vertices?
  • + Nonagen has nine edges and nine vertices.


If we want to ask the question plural, that is, we use the pattern of ‘which shapes’ instead of ‘which shape’. However, the word ‘has’ in the question sentence should be changed to ‘have’ – Which shapes have four vertices and edges?

+ rhombus, square, parallelogram, deltoid, rectangle etc.

‘’How Many’’ Questions:  After the “how many” question, the plural name is used.

–  How many edges does square have?   +  It has four edges.

– How many vertices does rectangle have?   + It has four vertices.

– How many edges and vertices does triangle have?


+ It has three edges and vertices.