Transport Names List, Means of Transport Name

Transport Names List, Means of Transport Name


Transportation Names, Definition and Examples

Transport Names in English

When you learn a new language, you need to learn the words that you will frequently need in daily life, so that you can use that language in a practical way. As you know, we often use the names of means of transportation in everyday life. When using these names, we need to use various prefixes and suffixes. In addition, knowing the use of preposition and using the right preposition with the right words can be really important. So in today’s article we will talk about Transport Names in English with you.

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They preferred to use the ferry when crossing from one shore to another because they had to carry their cars. : Ferry is a means of transportation used in sea transportation and allows you to carry heavy materials such as cars. Ferry is usually used with ‘’on’’ preposition.


We decided to drive by car to get there faster. : The car is often used with the drive die. If you are not the person driving the car, you can use it as a ‘’by car’’. Also, if you want a car to be taken somewhere, just say “drive me”.


The Canadian government says those who go to work on bicycles should have tax exemptions. : Bicycle is generally used with the word “riding”, but if you are not talking about an action at the moment, you can also use the “on” preposition. It is also possible to use the word bike.



If you want to have an extremely fun safari experience, you should get on a 4×4 jeep! : The jeep vehicle is also often used with “riding” because this vehicle has a more natural aura. If you want to indicate that you are in the jeep, you can usually use the “on” preposition.


When I set off on a motorcycle, I have a much more comfortable journey and I reach the place I want faster. : Here the motorcycle was used with ‘’on’’ preposition. Likewise, you can use motorbike in this way in a sentence. Also, if you want to indicate that you are the person who uses a motorcycle, use the word “ride”.


Getting around on the streets with scooters has been really popular on Instagram recently because electric scooters were invented. : The word scooter is also used with the word “ride”. When you put the word “scooter” together with the ‘’on’’ preposition, you indicate that you are on the scooter.


If you want to spend a pleasant holiday on a luxury yacht and drive the yacht yourself, you should definitely contact us. When you examine this sentence, you may notice that the word yacht is used with ‘’on’’ preposition. It will also be appropriate to use the word drive to indicate that you are moving the yacht.


The plane riding adorns her dreams, so she decided to become a pilot. : Prefer using the word riding to express that the aircraft is moving. You can also use the “on” preposition if you are on an airplane and want to indicate this.


He thought how pleasant it would be to drive big trains with many wagons, he dreamed of becoming a mechanic. : The person who uses the train and moves it is called a mechanic. Train is usually used with drive. While inside the train, you can specify this by saying “on” the train.


Hot air balloon

While I was in the hot air balloon in Cappadocia, I felt like a completely different land. : Hot air baloon is not used by any person, usually the wind controls these vehicles. However, you can use the word “riding” when you want to use a word to indicate that a trip has occurred. In addition, we will use “on” preposition for this vehicle.


I want to organize a small fishing activity using Sailboat, join me? : You can use the word sailboat with the word drive. We also recommend using the word ” on ” again as a preposition.


It is necessary to be very careful and pay attention to the technical details while riding the Rocket. : The word Rocket is usually combined with the word riding. By saying on the rocket, you can express that you are inside the rocket.


It is much more practical and much faster to use subway when going from place to place in the city. : The word Subway is often used with ride. You can even find popular subway riding games on the internet. In addition, subway and ‘’on’’ preposition are used together.

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