Interrogative Adjectives, Definitions and Examples

English Using Interrogative Adjectives, Definitions and Example Sentences

English Using Interrogative Adjectives, Definitions and Example Sentences

Interrogative Adjectives

Adjectives are known as pronouns or words that describe nouns. Interrogative adjectives are among seven different adjective types. It can be said that the adjectives are words that change or characterize the names and indicate the questions posed. Interrogative adjectives will help to find answers to the questions people ask.

Interrogative adjectives are often used along with nouns to ask questions such as where, who, how, why and which. Such words are words that determine the sentence completely in terms of questioning. They accompany the sentences formed with the name or names and are placed in front of the sentence. For example;

  • Which gym bag is yours? (The word “which” is an interrogative adjective that changes the bag)
  • Which dishes should be eaten every day? (“Which dishes” are the subject of the verb phrase)

Interrogative adjectives and interrogative pronouns have almost similar words. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly understand their use. Both are composed of very similar words, but unlike question pronouns, adjectives cannot stand independently.

Interrogative adjectives are used to support pronouns or nouns, while query pronouns are used to completely replace nouns. We can distinguish the difference between interrogative pronouns and adjectives by seeing what the subject is. While interrogative adjectives are followed by nouns, verbs follow interrogative pronouns. For example;

  • What are you destroying? (interrogative used as pronoun, followed by verb)
  • What are you destroying? (used as interrogative adjective, followed by name)

The words What and Which are two different questions are very similar. However, there is a difference. When we are not aware of the available options, “What” is used, while there are some options to choose from, “Which ones” are used. Another example;

  • Which channel did you go to watch? (Options unknown)
  • Which channel did you watch? (Can be answered. Because there are options)

Interrogative Adjectives Examples

Some examples showing the correct use of interrogative adjectives examples in the sentence are:

  • Whose pen will they bring to you?
  • Which book will they give you?
  • Which notebook will they show you?
  • What’s your answer?
  • What kind of plan did you create?
  • What a beautiful mountain this is.
  • What a delicious taste of this apple.
  • Who is this dress for?
  • Whose car is this?

  • Who do you plan to ride?
  • Whose home is this?
  • Where are you going?
  • Why did you go there?
  • Why are you waiting?
  • Why are there so many cats?
  • Why did he wake up early in the morning?
  • What kind of movie was it?
  • Which is the most beautiful building in the world?
  • Which is the biggest airport in London?

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