10 pet animals name, Pictures and Definition

10 pet animals name, Pictures and Definition

Pet Animals Names

In this lesson we will examine the topic of pet animal names. Animals can be divided into wild and domesticated animals. Animals that grow in nature and obtain their own food are wild animals. But among the wild animals are animals raised by humans, kept away from the natural habitat and tame. So in short, there are those who can be tamed from wild animals. Animals that are fed by human beings, have learned to live with people and are far from the natural habitat are called domestic animals.

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We use the meat, milk, skin and fat of some pets, while we can get feathers and eggs from some animals. We can use the power of animals such as horses, donkeys and mules and these animals are used in carriage and transportation. The power and products of some animals are not used, animals in this group are in need of human care. These animals share their love with humans, while others protect their owners. Pet animals names are:

Here are 10 pet animals name

1. Parrot: I have never been bored since my father brought parrots home, I taught my parrot 5 sentences, I am sure that he will learn more words in the future.

2. Turtle: The slow movement of turtles gives me calmness and peace, so I preferred my pet to be a turtle and I named it green.

3. Snake: Snakes can be tamed even though they can be dangerous sometimes, I learned this when my friend started feeding snakes, he officially lives with a snake in his home and looks pretty happy about it.

4. Goat: I love the sounds of the goats, but also the taste of their milk is delicious, I drink goat milk every morning when we go to the village every summer.

5. Bird: When we went to the forest picnic yesterday morning, we all loved the sounds of the birds and it gave us a lot of peace, and when the yellow and blue bird we saw in the forest came and put it on our table, we wanted to take it home and now it lives with us.

6. Chick: My grandmother has about 20 chicks in the garden of her village house, I always visit them and run behind them, it is a very fun summer vacation.

7. Hamster: The other day when I went to play at my friend’s house, I saw a white hamster in them, I thought I didn’t like mice but this hamster was a pretty cute animal, I hope I will have a hamster one day.

8. Horse: Horses are the most noble and beautiful animals I have ever seen in my life, and what I wanted most since childhood was to have a horse, this wish came true last year with the horse my father bought me on my birthday.

9. Rabbit: I was reading a book for my cousin today and they were talking about the little white rabbits eating carrots, my cousin was very surprised when she heard this.

10. Dog: My grandfather told me that he had a big surprise because it was my birthday, but he could not stop his excitement and explained what the surprise was this evening, my grandfather bought me a little white cute dog.

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