20 sentences of direct and indirect speech

20 sentences of direct and indirect speech

20 sentences of direct and indirect speech

Direct speech is the ones that the person establishes himself / herself. Usually used in writing language such as novels, stories etc.

Transferring the sentence that someone else says is called indirect speech. It is also called reported speech. Usually, it is used in spoken language. If the transmitted action is done in the past, the sentence becomes the past tense.

Here are 20 examples of direct and indirect speech;

1. Direct: My boyfriend asked, “Do you like horror films?”
Indirect: Do you like horror films? my boyfriend asked.

2. Direct: I never get up late, my mother said.
Indirect: My mother said that she never got up late.

3. Direct: She said, “I might come early.”
Indirect: She said she might come early.

4. Direct: I am leaving home now.”
Indirect: He said that he left home then.

5. Direct: Are you living here?
Indirect: He asked me if I was living here.

6. Direct: I’m going to come.
Indirect: She said that she was going to come.

7. Direct: We can communicate smoothly.
Indirect: They said that they could communicate smothly.

8. Direct: My mother isn’t very well.
Indirect: She said that her mother wasn’t very well.

9. Direct: I need help with my work.
Indirect: George said “I need help with my homework.”

10. Direct: I was walking along the Street.
Indirect: He said he had been walking along the Street.

11. Direct: I haven’t seen George recently.
Indirect: She said that she hadn’t seen George recently.

12. Direct: I would help, but…
Indirect: He said he would help but…

13. Direct: I’m waiting for Michael, she said.
Indirect: She said (that) she was waiting for Michael”.

14. Direct: They said, “They have taken exercise.”
Indirect: They said that they had taken exercise.

15. Direct: I can speak perfect Spanish.
Indirect: He said he could speak perfect Spanish.

16. Direct: I haven’t seen Mary.
Indirect: He said he hadn’t seen Mary.

17. Direct: What is your name? she asked me.
Indirect: She asked me what my name was.

18. Direct: I was sleeping when Mary called.
Indirect: He said that he had been sleeping when Mary called.

19. Direct: Please help me!
Indirect: He asked me to help his.

20. Direct: I have been to France, she told me.
Indirect: She told me that she had been to France.