This That These Those, Using and Differences

How to Use This, That, These, Those. Difference between This, That, These, Those and Example Sentences


How to Use This, That, These, Those. Difference between This, That, These, Those and Example Sentences


The words that replace all object or concept names, other than person names, are called ‘demonstrative pronouns’. Using demonstrative pronouns, we can both point out what I want to show, and ensure that the name is marked by keeping it in place. These pronouns are generally used before the noun. ┬áThese demonstrative pronouns are given below with sample sentences:


This is used when referring to the object or person to be pointed out. This also indicates that this object or person is near us.

Example Sentences

  • This notebook should be yours because it says your name on it.
  • What kind of book this is was very gripping?
  • Did you break this plate?
  • I’m going abroad this week, please email me if anything happens.
  • You can still drink this tea hot.
  • Could this book be mine because I looked for it everywhere but I couldn’t find it.
  • This answer is not enough for me.
  • This glass must be mine.
  • Where will you go on vacation this month?


These are used when the objects and people we want to point out are plural. We also use these to indicate that this object or people are nearby and are plural.

Example Sentences

  • Are these your clothes?
  • All of these items are mine and I will take them to my new home tomorrow.
  • These glasses should be yours and the other should be mine.
  • These topics are mine, you will study others.
  • Please remove these here, everywhere scattered.
  • These are the most beautiful tables I have ever seen in my life.
  • These weather are very good for me.



Using that, we can understand that the person or object we want to indicate is both singular and pointed out to us in a distant place.

Example Sentences

  • Is that kid looking at me?
  • Can you look at that phone, I have a lot of work.
  • Do you see that mountain? It is the biggest mountain in the world.
  • That post looks like yours, I’m sure you sent this letter to me.
  • Let me come, I will go like that.


Those are used to indicate distant objects or people, and we can use those when these distant people and objects are in the plural state.

Example Sentences

  • Are those friends your friends?
  • Those must be your belongings, can you buy it?
  • Those are not smarter than you.
  • Those are yours, now you can start writing.
  • Do you see those coming?