20 examples of declarative sentences

20 examples of declarative sentences

Declarative Sentence Example

While trying to learn the English language, you may encounter many situations where you have difficulty expressing yourself. For example, in daily life, you may want to tell something to the other person by connecting more than one sentence. In addition, when chatting with someone or writing an essay, you may need vocabulary knowledge to realize a richer language use. All of these situations require you to learn about declarative sentences. With you today we will examine the declarative sentence examples as one of the most important topics in the English language. You can continue reading our content for sample sentences and subject expression.

What is a Declarative Sentence?

Declarative sentences, in their simplest form, are sentences that contain a subject and a predicate, with the ability to describe one or more states or events. If the sentence describes more than one situation, conjunction is usually used in these sentences. A comma should be used before the conjunction used in the middle of the sentence. Otherwise, it is possible to lose points, especially in essay missions.

Here are 20 example of declarative sentence;

He is running.

Susan is leaving here.

He wanted to spend time with him.

He’s back from school.


He left here.

He just asked you.

Nowadays, Selena was very bored, yet, when she saw you, she started to feel good again.

They couldn’t decide which cafe they wanted to enter; therefore, they continued walking.

I fell asleep for a while after making coffee today; however, I still feel very tired and exhausted.

He especially likes playing basketball, and the other generally enjoys football.

I have a lot of homework these days, but I don’t have any lessons to study.

Today I can cook a perfect meal, or we can go and have a romantic dinner in a luxury restaurant.

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