Use Because in a Sentence, Starting a Sentence with Because

How to Use Because and Example Sentences;

How to Use Because and Example Sentences;

Using Because

The words that are in the same task in the sentence or in a sense that relate words, phrases, and related sentences in terms of meaning are called conjunctions. Conjunctions connect all kinds of words and phrases that act as multiple subjects, multiple adjectives, specified objects, envelopes, completing, completed and predicate in the sentence.

Conjunctions, we can say words that have no meaning alone and have a task in the sentence. In addition to their binding tasks, they can also establish various meanings of meaning in the sentence. When they are removed from the sentence, the meaning of the sentence does not deteriorate, but there may be a narrowing.

Conjunctions are written separately from the words before and after it. Those that are written in conjunction that you think are similar to conjunctions and are conjunctions, are not conjunctions. They are not a sentence element. A suitable punctuation mark can be placed in place of the connectors.

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Because the connector is a frequently used connector in English. When writing a paragraph, article, essay or essay in English, this conjunction does a lot of work and is one of the key things to know. Laying the foundation firmly is essential to learn English well. These conjunctions, besides being a conjunction, can also be used to link words in a sentence.

Because the conjunction is used when stating the reason for a sentence. Indicates what an event, result, or situation originated from. Because the reason comes after the connector.

Note: In some cases, because the conjunction can also happen to the sentence. When this happens, first, the reason is said, a comma is put and the result is explained. Putting commas is mandatory here. In this use, it is meant to be “because it is” as a translation, but we can also use it for other sentences.

Example Sentences

  • The soldier working in the navy always came home very late because he did not leave the ship before he was completely finished.
  • Recognition of the components that make up the sentence and their function is necessary for us to establish correct, healthy sentences because some of the mistakes in our sentences are about items.
  • It is recommended to drink lemon water while waking up in the morning because this mixture activates the metabolism and loses excess weight.
  • He had to continue his work immediately because it was too late.
  • Her mother suddenly became very angry with her child because her child was very worried.

  • As a result, these issues are not for you because your age is much younger.
  • I don’t want you to talk to me again because you lied to me.
  • I could not go to school early because I studied lesson until last night.
  • Novi never went out alone because Novi was afraid that something would happen to him.