How to Use According to, According to Meaning and Example Sentences

How to Use According to, According to Meaning and Example Sentences

Using According To

We use some conjunctions when we want to reference any topic in the English language or switch between two different pieces of information. While we are telling someone else about the comments or information we receive from one day, we often use these conjunctions. One of these popular conjunctions is known as ACCORDING TO. You can often see this word, especially in academic articles. It may make sense to use this pattern when referencing a different scientific study and when you want to provide users with information about the source of the place where you received the information.

You can also use this linker while expressing your own ideas. Generally, while expressing your own ideas, you can take out the first word completely and use only “TO”. In the continuation of the content, we will provide you with various examples for different uses.

How To Build A Sentence with According To

First, let’s examine the most classic use of this conjunction. The use of this conjunction is usually accompanied by a comma. A name must always come after this conjunction. Commas should be used immediately after this name. After the name that comes after this conjunction in everyday language, you need to make a short pause. Here are some examples:

  1. According to this article, it is seen that women have the better capability in separating colors than men. You know this is a scientific article.
  2. According to him, there is no hope for healing. I think what really hurts me is that.
  3. According to recent studies, cancer can be healed. This is really promising for all the people.

As you can see in the examples above, a name must always come after ACCORDING TO. This name can consist of one or more words. If you want to use this phrase together with a verb, all you have to do is make it a noun with the help of a verb.

The general sentence structure can be formalized as:

  • According to + noun + comma + sentence

ACCORDING TO does not always have to be used at the beginning of the sentence. You can also use this phrase in the middle of the sentence. In such a case, you must first give the information at the beginning of the sentence and present the source of the information at the end of the sentence. Such use is often seen in everyday language. Nevertheless, you should be familiar with this use in order to understand the person in your daily life comfortably. Here are some examples:

  1. You have to do it in that way according to your methods.
  2. I need to see him according to my mom; however, I do not want to do that.
  3. You think there are a lot of people; however, according to him, these people are just beginning for us.
  4. As I see in that book, according to Spinoza, there is no one single subject as God, but it is an immanent truth.


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