Types of Adjectives, Positive, Comparative and Superlative of Adjectives and Examples

Types of Adjectives, Positive, Comparative and Superlative of Adjectives and Examples


We constantly try to use descriptive words in expressing any situation, person, object or a different phenomenon in everyday life. The words we use to describe things determine the basic features of those things. Therefore, it is necessary to examine such word groups in a separate category. These words that are used before the nouns and characterize them are called adjectives. Adjectives characterize the nouns in the sentences in which they are used and form a more detailed, more saturated expression style. Therefore, such words are often preferred. It is possible to say that there are many types of adjectives in the English language.

They can be characterized by different names, numbers, colors, variety or other distinctive features. Therefore, it is necessary to get to know each type of adjective in detail. It is also important to learn the structure of adjectives in order to understand the adjective clauses.

Here 3 types of adjectives:

  1. Positive Adjectives
  2. Comparative Adjectives
  3. Superlative Adjectives

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Descriptive Adjectives
Compound Adjectives
Opposite Adjectives
Positive Attitude Adjectives
Possessive Adjectives
Quantitative Adjectives
Degrees of Adjectives
Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
Irregular Adjectives

Positive Adjectives

If we want to define a word or person we use in the sentence, but if we are going to define it not by comparison, but by an individual definition, the adjectives we use are called positive adjectives. Whether the meanings of the words used here are positive or negative is not examined. The important thing is that the adjective used will add extra meaning. Therefore, this adjective group is called positive adjectives.

Here are some examples of positive adjectives:

  1. You are a bad person.
  2. This place is amazing, I want to live here until I die!
  3. Did you want the ‘’You’’! Oh my God, it is really incredible, you should watch it!


Comparative Adjectives

It is possible to say that these adjectives are generally evaluated in the category of descriptive adjectives. When evaluating adjectives and examining their relationship with each other, we often need comparison. Comparison is an extremely effective method to understand to what extent an adjective characterizes an entity. In order to compare, we need to use a special kind of suffix in English. These kinds of adjectives are called comparative adjectives. -er suffix is used in adjective words in order to add comparison meaning.

Here are some examples of comparative adjectives:

  1. You are taller than her.
  2. What about going to the cinema tonight? I can guarantee that this movie is better than what we saw last night!
  3. I am cooler than everybody else in this room. I have to get my self-confidence back. Come on!


Superlative Adjectives

In the sentences we use when expressing ourselves during the day, we sometimes need to express superiority. The type of adjective that we will use when we want to indicate that any object, name or person is superior to all other alternatives is defined as superlative adjectives. A different kind of suffix is used in English in such adjectives. -est suffix should be used in order to add superiority meaning to the related adjective. Moreover, not every adjective is regular. Some of them change when they have the meaning of superiority. So, it is important to check out the rules for comparing suffix.

Here some examples of superlative adjectives:


  1. The most beautiful woman I have ever met is you. I am in love with you.
  2. What about seeing her in her home? I can say that the most elegant house I have ever seen is her house!
  3. I have prepared the cutest room ever for you! I am wondering if you are going to like it or not!

Here are Comparative and Superlative Adjectives List;

angry angrier than the angriest
attractive more attractive than the most attractive
bad worse than the worst
beautiful more beautiful than the most beautiful
big bigger than the biggest
bitter bitterer bitterest
black blacker blackest
bloody bloodier bloodiest
blue bluer bluest
boring more boring than the most boring
brave braver than the bravest
cheap cheaper than the cheapest
cold colder than the coldest
dark darker than the darkest
hot hotter than the hottest
hungry hungrier than the hungriest
safe safer than the safest
short shorter than the shortest
silly sillier than the silliest
soon sooner than the soonest
strange stranger than the strangest
successful more successful than the most successful
strong stronger than the strongest
sweet sweeter than the sweetest
tall taller than the tallest
terrible more terrible than the most terrible